What do I have to ask? (2c-3a)

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I live in switzerland, and we don't have here any specialised curly hair stylist.
They always cut the hair wet and style it straight :(

My hair is now at bra lenght, and I have 2c hair (I was 3a but with the keratin now I'm am 2c... Hoping it will revert back!)

I have a mix of normal and fine hair, and they are now cut with long layers: this has made my hair with no volume at all.

What kind of cut I should ask a stylist for have more volume?
Or I can cut them myself the deva way? (Anyone has a link with maybe instructions?)

Thank you so much!
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    read this thread, "what should i tell my stylist," it's in the same forum, salon/stylist chatter. it was started by one of the members here who is a stylist and gives some great tips.
    it is a long thread, you may only need to read the first page or so to get the basics.

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