need some help with getting bangs

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So, I am an Irish-Russian woman with freaking thick, curly hair. All of my hair dressers since 2001 have said that I am not allowed to have bangs. This is a problem because the biggest part of my hair is the bang area and my face just looks so much better with bangs. But, now I am having terrible headaches. Since I usually pull my hair back in a pony tail (to get away from my annoyingly long bangs) the pressure from the pony is making the headaches worse. I've had knock down , drag out fights with my hair dressers to try to get them to give me bangs and they keep saying I may not have them. So, how would you deal with this issue? Can anyone give me some advice in how to have this conversation with my stylist?? I am uploading a picture of myself so you can see what I am working with. My hair is freshly washed it will look better tomorrow after I have slept on it. Thanks!!



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