Need tips for diffusing upside down

For the past few months I've been clipping and diffusing. IBut the process is time consuming and I'm no wiz at the clipping. In a rush to get out the door the other day, I decided to forego the clipping and diffuse my hair upside down. It was super quick and the curls were amazing! Better than anything I ever got from plopping, clipping, etc.

But there are a few flaws in the system:
--it's hard to get gel (Angell) at the roots without disrupting the curls
--the curls at the back of my head tend to get a little flat
--it's hard to direct the direction the curls will go

Does anyone have advice on how to improve the upside down drying process? I'm going to stick to it since it's so much faster than clipping and drying upright, but I definately need to tweak it for perfection.



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    I apply gel upside down, to get it at the roots in the front /top I rub the gel on my fingers of both hands and slide them in at the roots. My hair is real clumped from applying gel to the back and ends by now so this generally works. Then I flip up and spread it on the front roots right around my face so the hair is directed away from my face, then flip back over.

    I diffused partially upside down, then as the gel stiffens on what this position dries well I flip up and work on the back and put my curls in position. I lean side to side to help this or just aim right at my hair where it lays depending on what I need.

    The air moves around real well when hanging upside down is why I always figure it dries faster that way.
    Anyhoo this is my current way of doing it
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    To get gel close to my roots, I usually do a sort of sideways scrunch with gel on my hand; instead of starting at the bottom of my hair, cupping it in my hand, and scrunching upwards, I lean slightly so my hair is off my face and just scrunch the top of my hair close to my roots. You will have to turn your hand so it is parallel to your part. To get gel on the very top of my hair at my roots on the part, I put a little bit of gel on my hand and gently pat my part, just to get a little extra gel there. It helps me get volume at my roots when I'm drying.

    As for the curls in the back getting flat, I've noticed that it's really easy to forget about those curls. When I'm diffusing, I'm looking in the mirror and I can see the curls on either side of my head, so I tend to pay attention to those the most, since I can see them. You almost have to force yourself to dry the back curls specifically--otherwise they airdry and get flat.

    And as for directing the curls, I don't really know... I guess I just let my curls go wherever the want!

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