Wash and Gos?

Sorry if this sounds ignorant, but I'd like someone to clarify something for me. I don't get this whole thing about "wash and go". When someone describes how they do a wash and go, it just sounds like a typical hair routine; washing, conditioning, and styling. What makes a wash and go different? How is it defined?
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    I've always wondered the same thing. Maybe it's taking less time styling?
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    There are certain methods that take some time to do, such as diffusing, super soaking, plopping, twisting, etc. I think a wash and go is literally just washing your hair, putting in stylers, and going about your day.
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    A wash and go for me would be washing my hair, conditioning, and allowing to air dry, maybe adding gel

    For me, these things would not be "wash and go":
    • Wash and then blow dry
    • Wash and then blow dry and flat iron
    • Wash and then put my hair in a bunch of twists/bantu knots/rollers/flexi rods/etc to take out later and have different definition in my hair
    • Wash and then "Protective Style"
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    Yes, like other curlies have described, a wash and go is just a simple routine for curly hair. I only do wash and go's because nothing else works for me. I cowash my hair, add products, and go.
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    ^^Yep, agreed, it's just styling and wearing the hair "curly". I think "wash & wear" is more accurate, but the clothing associations makes it sound weird lol
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