2nd day hair for runners?

Rboettcher20Rboettcher20 Registered Users Posts: 20
I run every morning with a messy bun and a thing headband. I hate having hair touch my face when I workout. The head band leaves a dent in my hair. Is it possible to have 2nd day hair when you sweat a ton and workout? Right now I just cowash every other day and just wet it completely on the off days.


  • gagirl09gagirl09 Registered Users Posts: 2,316
    For me I usually have my hair in a pineapple/ponytail when I am wearing it curly. That preserves it for me. Right on the top of my head out the way. Then take the band out and shake and go.
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    For me it just depends on how much I sweat. If I didn't sweat too much, I will spray my hair with water and then scrunch in a light hold product that has a watery consistency. This gives me refreshed curls. I too get dents from pulling my hair back but a light spraying if water and a little gel or foam does the trick.
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    My hair dents easily so what I do is I'll use bobby pins to pin back the hair that's too short for my pony tail. I'll pin it loosely and then wear a thin hairband on top. It prevents the hairband from denting my hair as deeply because the hairband is mostly sitting on top of the pins..if that makes sense..and then I'll shake out my hair afterwards and spritz with diluted hair conditioner.
  • inheritedcurlsinheritedcurls Registered Users Posts: 2,954 Curl Connoisseur
    I wear mine in a high ponytail...take it down...shake and go. I also use Rockin' Ringlets to spray on it and scrunch if needed. After a couple of days of working out and wearing it...I usually wear it up or pulled back in a headband.

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