Dr Joshi's 21 Day Detox??

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I was just wondering if anyone has ever tried the Dr Joshi 21 day detox? What were your results? Did you experience any side effects?

I am into my last week of the detox right now and I do notice that my skin looks amazing, I have lost about 9 pounds and it is forcing me to eat better. I also haven’t been out to eat since I began and I do feel better than I did before I began. I started the detox not to diet but because my mother did it and she said that the results were great, she felt better and it helped cleanse her body. It is also suppose to have many benefits for your skin and hair as well as your body so I figured I'd give it a try!

The detox consists of cutting out fruits with the exception of banana (in attempts to make your body more alkaline and balanced). You have to cut out dairy, all foods with wheat, gluten, red meat, sugar, foods high in sodium and foods that contain bad fats. You also can’t have any foods with artificial flavours and preservative and no condiments. After the 3 weeks are up you can start introducing healthy foods back into your diet like fruits and whatever else you want.

So I have been eating a lot of chicken breast, salmon, brown rice, brown rice pasta, oats, quinoa, beans, veggies, peas and have been using natural raw honey as a sweetener. Snacks are a bit trickier but you can have freshly popped popcorn (not the microwaveable bags) and hummus. Plain Greek yogurt and cottage cheese are also an exception to the no dairy rule.

The hard part has been being meticulous about reading labels. You would be surprised at how many foods have preservatives sugar and wheat. I had to give up certain things completely like breads, regular pasta and pretty much all sauces and condiments.

It’s pretty easy to cook if you are creative with your meals; you can still use spices and herbs to cook with so that adds a lot of flavour.

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