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I have type 2a hair. I've been growing it out for the last year (from a near-buzz cut); it's looked decent through all the lengths up till now. I've just reached the length where the weight of my hair is pulling the curls/waves down and it all starts to go flat with just a little wave. The worst part is that it's uneven - one side is flat no matter what I do, the other side is still curling.

I'm looking for ways/recommendations on products or easy styling to emphasize the curl and keep volume. Every product i've tried in the past makes my hair sticky or greasy looking, even when I use a tiny amount.

Right now, I use herbal essences curl enhancing gel, a curl enhancing shampoo, anti-frizz serum, and a blow dryer with a diffuser.

any recs/suggestions would be appreciated. My hair goes from just below my ears in front to about shoulder length in back.


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