Im a Male with tight curly hair can I grow it out and make it wavey hair?

Hello my name is Moe and my hair is tight and curly really curly I was wondering if I get my hair long enough would I be able to make it go backwards and make it smooth and wavey? this is my hair now and I tried brushing it after having a hat on for a while.

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    I don't know if you're hair would be wavy, but length can help weigh down or pull out some of the curl, especially at the roots. But each head of hair is different. Some find that their hair curls more with length.
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    I can't see your hair being wavy tbh. My youngest son has hair that looks like your first pic and I know when it gets long it just gets bigger (grows up and out rather than down) and starts losing definition. Only way to find out is to give it a try!
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    You have gorgeous curls! Why don't you just embrace them and enjoy them...? You look just fine ;) If you grow them long, you may have long and very curly hair, which is also lovely to look at. Either way, you win! :D
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    Your curls look fine, but if you want wavy hair I suggest you put a hat or bandana on when it's wet, and then when it's try you comb it out, put gel in it and comb it out even more. That is, if you like the gelled look. I agree with everyone else, your hair might get looser curls if you grow it out. Good luck!
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    I don't think you can make your hair wavy by brushing/combing it while it's dry. Maybe you can try combing it back while it's wet, and then using a little gel? Your curls may loosen as they get longer. Length sometimes loosens my curls, which I don't like at all. But, in my opinion, you look great with curly hair! :)
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    Yeah man the way it looks combed out if it were longer would definitely be wavy. But it's so much work combing it out when it's long.

    2 days ago I tried combing mines out and after 1 hour I only had my left side halfway combed before it started curling back up and getting tangled.

    Just use product to stretch the curls out for a particular style. Whatever you do just don't use chemicals or get stuck using heat all the time.