I is a newbie~ :P

MizBlazeMizBlaze Posts: 2Registered Users
Decided to tag along with the fellow curlies! :D
Hopefully i'll get some tips for the crazy monster I call hair~ >.>

Soo~Hello, Watashi wa Ashley!
.......I like drawing...And music..........And.....And...Crafting..........What else do I say? :3 KD

I say KD instead of XD btw~Just a weirdo like that~ :P

I may not be all that active though, cause, i'm pretty busy with my drawing stuff, tones of requests on dA~And I already got a main form. I'm hoping to find some cool quick tips on here, that would be awesome! :O :D

Sore wa anata no subete o mitasu no wa yoi kotodeshou!
It shall be nice to meet you all! ^^



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    Hi, MizBlaze! :wave: Welcome to the fun! You'll find all kinds of hints, tips and info on these boards! Enjoy!
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    Welcome to CurlTalk, MizBlaze! Glad you're here in our curlyworld!

    Gretchen co-founder

    You are beautiful!