I'm new here but my hair is my everything!

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:wav:Hello everyone,

I'm here to get all the advice I can get and give all the advice I can!I finally decided to go natural without the big chop.I know it's go be hard but fun at the same time.I had my last perm Sept 13,2012 and plan to never get one again.My hair is my everything,the process has been hard but I know it's go get better.I can tell my hair is not please with me right now because it want to be permed cause that's what it is use to but I refuse.I hope things will get better and I find the right products.


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    Welcome, Kimmielousy! :wave: Finding the right products and techniques can be overwhelming and frustrating at times. You'll find tons of help and support here! Word of warning - these boards can be addicting!
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    Welcome, Kimmielousy! Glad you're here with us!

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    You are beautiful!