shea moisture+ecostyler gel= weird residue?

melba.woodarmelba.woodar Registered Users Posts: 2
hello fellow curlies!,

I am a natural with 4/a/b hair that is coarse on the outside, but sort of fine at the crown. my two favorite products are the ecostyler and shea moisture curling smoothie, but when I mix them together, it pills up and leaves a weird residue. Initially i thought that it was my leave in conditioner ( cantu shea butter leave in) but that wasnt teh case. why do you think this is?:scratch: please help!


  • EricachristinaEricachristina Registered Users Posts: 496
    I have used the eco styler gel with the curl smoothie and I have never had issues with a residue. Maybe you are using too much of both or either product and it is causing some build up?
  • fefe912fefe912 Registered Users Posts: 570
    only shea moisture product that does the residue thing with eco styler in my case has been the raw shea butter deep treatment masque and even that goes away as it dries. How do you apply your products?
  • rmc2rmc2 Registered Users Posts: 349
    It is the SM smoothie that is causing the white residue. U r using too much. Limit amount to 1 tsp if u have short hair like me (4a hair that would be mid neck if relaxed).

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