Too much products?? :(

I am so overwhelmed with the products I need to us!
Im a 2A, I have high porosity, high density, and fine hair.

High porosity, I need to use leave-in conditioner, moisturizer, sealers and since I live in a humid country, anti-humectants.
High density, gels, creams and butters
Fine hair, needs deep conditioning (so a deep conditioner??)
2A hair, Sulfate-free gentle cleanser, light silicone-free conditioner, and a volumizer (also reduces frizz?)

I don't even know where to get these products in my country!!
Is there a way I could reduce the number of products?


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    often times products fulfill multiple rolls. A leave in that contains oils can act as your sealer and protein dose (fine hair needs protein, not so much moisture). You could get away with 1 gel, one with protein (which is extremely common and the cheapest). DTs can be as simple as warmed oil on your hair. Sealers are just oils.

    1 gel (with protein)
    1 LI (you can just not rinse out your conditioner all the way)
    DT/sealer: oil of your choice

    Easy suggestions:
    gel: LA Looks Sport Gel, any "bulk" gel that's usually sold in tubs
    Rinse out: tresemme naturals, suave naturals
    LI: ^^^^ just don't rinse it all out
    Sealer: olive/coconut oil
    DT: warm olive/coconut oil for 15 mins or so
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