Oy vey. So very very confused. Experts please help!

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I am extremely lost, and my brain feels scrambled, after reading through the posts!

I recently figured out I have low porosity hair. As for my hair type, its so hard to say. When I was younger my hair was impossibly thick and course with tight spirals. I believe a thyroid condition caused quite a bit of my hair to fall out (luckily I had a lot to lose) and the curl pattern to loosen. I also used henna for years and years to color my hair. But, now I wonder if the reason my curls have become waves is that I am not caring for them properly!

Anyway, I would say I am a 3a at the moment, medium to high density, course. I wash my hair every few days, as if I don't, I end up with oily appearing hair (probably from products). I refresh with water on in between days and have to use a lot more product to tame the frizz. I do a ACV rinse every few weeks. Always, after ACV, my hair has way more body.
Lately my hair has been a hot mess. Frizzy, breakage, fly away, weak curls, and seems to never get clean after shampooing. Any product I use lingers which is how I came to find out I was LP. It feels as if the styling products (excepting straight Aloe Vera used sparingly) overwhelm my hair and causes it to hang lifelessly. Yet, if I dont use them my hair is puffy and fly away with no definition.

In reading through the posts I have realized my conditioner has cones and I need to do a BS/ACV treatment for sure...but I am lost on how to repair my hair and where to begin.
What conditioner do I now use? Any suggestions?
Do I avoid proteins?
Do I DC? With what? Can I do so before I do the BS treatment?
How often do I do the BS treatment?
Can your hair be low porosity and dry?
What styling products do you suggest?
No diffuser?
Do I use oils? I have always had difficulty getting them out of my hair when I do. How and when do you use them?

A few things: I really do not like to think about my beauty regime that much nor do I like to spend loads of money on products, nor do I like to spend time on the Internet researching products. I would love easy and inexpensive (and bonus points for natural) suggestions to add to arsenal.

My current products are:
Shikai shampoo
Rinse out conditioner: Davines Love
Styling: KC Curling Custard and KC Spiraling Spray
Leave in: Beautiful Curls
Hairspray: PM Fast Drying Sculpting Spray

I really really appreciate your advice! I just need to know where to begin when I need to wash my hair tomorrow! :sad:


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    If you haven't yet, start with a clarifying sulfate wash to get rid of the build up. If you stop using products with non-water soluble cones then it should help with the quick build up you seem to be experiencing. Course hair naturally has a lot of protein and I think most of them avoid protein in their products. Hopefully someone with that kind of hair will chime in. Everyone's hair is different, mine is very fine and theoretically should really like protein, but I can't use most proteins and I can NEVER use wheat protein. When I over protein, my hair feels like straw and it breaks like crazy!

    From what I understand, it is not uncommon for low porosity hair to be dry. My low porosity hair makes it hard to absorb moisture and when I started using more water based products with LOTS of moisture, my curls perked back up. I still struggle with frizz, but I'm starting to think I will always have at least a little. When I use products with too many emollients or heavy oils they just sit on my hair and even at the end of the day it still looks greasy.
    I have to air diffuser for me, it just causes more frizz.

    I also have learned through trial and error that I cannot use any leave in products with glycerin. I am okay if I use a rinse out poo or condish once in awhile, but my hair is happiest if I don't use any at all. If I use glycerin in a styling product, then my hair feels coated, gunky, and tangled by the end of
    the day. It's really a bummer because there are lots of popular styling products on the boards with glycerin. When I started avoiding glycerin completely is when I found out that I could add some small amounts of protein back into my rotation. The jury is still out on other humectants for me.

    Before you decide what products to try check out the boards for curlies with similar hair properties to your own. There is also a lot of GREAT info on the forum named "Newbies". One way I have found great info is to do a properties search. For instance, you could type in: "course, low porosity, 3A hair products" and do research on the links provided. If you find someone on those links with similar hair properties you could see what they like to use and start there. Lots of us have the products we use in our signatures. I got a lot of ideas by "stalking" certain people with more experience and similar hair properties to myself. Sorry this was so long! Good luck in your search!
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    I have low porosity, coarse, super dry hair as well. Glycerin bothers my hair worse than silicones, which I don't have a problem with unless I layer them too many times without a cleanse in between. I never use SLS or ALS in cleansers, even for clarifying. If I need a really thorough scrub, I use Queen Helene Mint Julep shampoo.

    Curl creams are always better than gels, for me.

    ACV is horrible on my hair, and it seems to aggravate dryness and tangles for days after I've tried it. I find that I need products that add "weight" and smoothness, because my coarse hair "poofs" all the time. When it's not poofing, it likes to wind itself up in natural dreadlocks that feel like frayed rope. Protein as an ingredient in everyday type products rarely bothers my hair, as long as it's not high up on the ingredients lists, but I avoid protein in "deep treatments". Too much protein makes my hair feel like a waxy cotton ball.

    If your hairspray contains sd-alcohol, you'll probably want to stop using it for awhile. I know for me, hairspray is incredibly drying and it tangles the heck out of my hair. KC Spiraling Spray works well for me when it's humid or high dew point temperatures, but when it's dry/low dews, forget it. Same with KCCC, but it doesn't dry-out my hair as much as KCSS. A "custard" that I love is 4Naturals Spring Back. It has amazing frizz control and it defines my hair more than another other product I've tried. Also, SheaMoisture Milk is very nice for a combo leave-in/styler.

    The best thing for me has been "moisture moisture moisture". My hair can drink up shocking amounts of moisture and still want more.
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