Split ends repair( very simple )

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Hi! So here's a recipe for split ends. I have no guarantee that it will work, it will just help moisturize your ends

1: mix water and a coconut conditioner in a small bowl.

2: mix any oil with it. I use coconut oil.

3: apply to dry split ends to help moisturize.

Here's what I use; organix coconut milk conditioner coconut oil and a pinch of wild hair growth oil

Warning: use only a little of each substance then wash lightly.

:) bye!


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    I feel like the title of this thread is misleading. There is no way to repair split ends. You have to trim them. THE NATURAL HAVEN: Can you really repair damaged hair?
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  • BlueroseBluerose Posts: 23Registered Users
    Sorry. It's just a split end moisturizer.

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