Unruly Hair!

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Hi there, I have just come back from a 6 month trip overseas, with a new head of curls, which I have never let grow before. Because of remote locations, and so on, It has grown very long, but also I have only been using hand soap, and no shampoo etc. Once I arrived home, I borrowed some conditioner from my mother, however I would like to keep my hair long. I think it may need some styling, in the form of a cut, and also some products. Where I live is quite humid, and so it tends to frizz a lot, but can look great at times, One photo I took just tonight on my webcam, and the other was taken after over a month of soap use. I am not really sure what to do as I don't trust the ordinary hairdressers that I used to visit, What would you recommend in terms of products and styling?

Thanks for your help, Jake.


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    What kinda soap?? Because the hair still looks nice lol it could have been a moisturizing soap. But keep using the conditioner and another 6 months will reverse any damage you might have done.

    I only recently started using conditioner. For about 30 years I only used shampoo.

    Now I only use conditioner. So I would say if you want to grow it longer then you will need to keep it moisturized with a good conditioner.
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    Men are so lucky! LoL! One using just shampoo, one using friggin hand soap.. Both still have gorgeous hair!My hair would look like I've been smokin' crack for 3 year!! 😒

    Anyway, Princeton said it all when he said moisture is the key. As far as styling, I like the way you're wearing it in these pics. You look famous. LoL!
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    I'm a soap junkie. I have used soaps from Europe and middle east and they are extremely moisturizing and not the drying crapy commercial soaps they sell us in the US. I buy this EVOO soap that is made in Greece to bathe with and it is amazing. I get so many compliments and people asking me what high price products I use. My bff brought me back some soap from France and I was so sad to finish the last of it. I use ayurvedic soap to wash my hair.

    Anyway, it is hard to recommend product without knowing your hair propeties but you might try Tresemme conditioner. I love your hair. You are a cutie pie.
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