Curly Hair "Makeovers"

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I'm writing a paper for my English class about women wearing their curly hair natural. I know I've seen many makeovers on TV where they straighten women's natural curls because it makes her "more beautiful" and I would like to cite one in my paper, but I can't seem to find one. Does anyone think of a specific makeover where they do this? Thanks!


  • BlueroseBluerose Posts: 23Registered Users
    The keratin treatment in many salons does this.
  • redlipstickredlipstick Posts: 213Registered Users
    Many, many episodes of What not to Wear do that as part of the hair/makeup, those "Ambush Makeovers" on NBC (used to be a show) - check on youtube for some of the footage - I know you can find some examples.
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  • kolochitakolochita Posts: 118Registered Users
    What about Mia's makeover in the Princess Diaries? They straightened her curls in the first movie.

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