Curls drop easily

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Hello curl-friends!
My hair is a 3a type and I find that if I wash it/wet it has lovely curls, but if I sleep on it, wear it pulled up or comb my fingers through it, the curls drop quite easily. It is very easily encouraged back into a spiral curl, however and doesn't like to stay straight for long if I use straighteners. It's curlier the longer it gets and is quite fine, but there's a lot of it.

Is this normal? It doesn't feel dry but it's always prone to flyaways which I have always put down to how fine it is.

This is the first time I'm going it longer than a pixie cut or short bob in about 7 years (since I was a teenager) so I'm still trying to learn ways to make it look fashionable while keeping it easy to maintain. I'd love to hear how other 3a's have overcome this problem and how you maintain happy curls in a nice style.

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