Newbie de-lurking with a small rant

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Hi all. I'm new, though I've been reading the forums for ages. Within the last year, I've embraced my curls after 39 years of fighting. I've gotten a couple of Ouidad cuts, and been using her products. Once I use them up I'll likely go fully CG.

I'm a 39 yo woman from Seattle, and I live with my curly haired spouse who loves my hair - the wilder, the better - and four straight haired cats. ;-) My hair is currently 3a, though who knows where it will land when flat iron damage is gone and I'm off cones and sulfates. I love tighter curls, so I actually hope it curls up more. I haven't yet figured out porosity, preferences, etc. It's fine, but there's a ton of it. I lost about a third of it due to a medication, and I still have three heads worth of hair, per my stylist.

The rant part:
Tomorrow is a baby shower for my brother and sis in law, at my mom's house. Yesterday she called and told me, "be sure to wash your hair so it's not all messy for the pictures! Wear it nice and fluffy!" Wtf. She likes it when I brush the curl out and style it into waves with a flat iron, which I no longer do.

I'm annoyed enough that I delurked in order to vent to people who understand.


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    Haha, that happens. I'm happy for you about the embracing your curls thing though.

    I haven't had that many issues with that lately, but I think it's because most people think I'm so engrossed in my studies that I don't a) brush my hair b) straighten my hair and c) make it "normal-looking." Although my grandmother keeps telling me to get a relaxer.

    Yeah, not happening.
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    Welcome, aimgrrrl! Glad to have you here - regardless of the circumstances. Sometimes it's not easy being a curly in a straight hair society. Embracing what we have instead of conforming seems to be going against the grain. I fought my curls for more than 50 years. It's very freeing to not wage war against my hair on a daily basis. As long as it took us to appreciate what nature gave us, it can take those around us a little longer. Don't be discouraged. You'll find a great deal of support, tips and info on these boards. Enjoy the shower!
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