Re-curling Straightened Hair

I used to have lovely long ringlets and I cut them all off and started using straighteners on my hair. I have been using them for a few years now but I'd love to back to curly. Problem is, when I try to, my hair seems to be just wavy and the waves fall out after a while. So what should I do? I've tried various products but maybe there is a better one you could recommend or a tip on styling? Or do I need to bite the bullet and get a perm?


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    BHey there :)
    I feel your pain, ive been straightening and frying my hair for awhile and when i went curly, it looked bad at first! Then i got my dead ends cut off, at a devacut place, and watched this amazing video (lost the link) whrre a girl explains how to get lost curls back.
    Get a deep treatment for curls such as heaven in hair by deva, use it once a week to counteract damage. For now go easy on styling products, use a moisturizing light styler thats designed for curls. The miracle tip i remember is to re-train your hair!! Sleep with braids while your hair is wet, and take them out at morning. Do this for a week and you should not need it after. I didm braid sets using mixed chicks leave in. I recommend :)
    Give me some feedback!
    finally starting to love my hair ^.^
    cleanse: Dr.Bronner mild castile soap
    condition: tresemme naturals (sometimes used as styler)
    LI/style: curl cream mixed with coconut oil (current cream by andalou naturals)

    product minimalist :sunny: