Mixing SM smoothie w/ Lalooks sport??

I saw this on youtube being done, only with the Ecostyler olive oil get. I CANNOT use Eco cuz of the protein so I decided to pick up the Lalooks sports gel.

I mixed about 1 1/2 tblsp of the smoothie & filled the rest of my empty kinky curly tub together & am going to try it today!!!

Anyone else try this combo or a similar one w/ good results?


  • rainboerainboe Posts: 284Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I've never tried them mixed together like that, but I use the smoothy first and then LALSG over it. That works really well for me. You should reply back to say how they work combined. You know the SM smoothie has a lot of protein too, so if you're protein sensitive then be careful with it.
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  • juvjoyjuvjoy Posts: 670Registered Users
    Ya...the sm smoothie mixed w/ LAlooks was ok. I loved how soft my hair was but it didn't have a lot of hold. Today I tried doing them separate & had pretty decent results. The protein in the smoothie didn't seem to do any drying.

    So far my KCKT & KCCC combo still works the best. Tomorrow however I'm going to try the smoothie w/ KCCC :)

    The KCKT just goes so darned fast & is more expensive!
  • shalomcurlsshalomcurls Posts: 27Registered Users
    juvjoy wrote: »
    So far my KCKT & KCCC combo still works the best. Tomorrow however I'm going to try the smoothie w/ KCCC :)

    Juvjoy- did you ever end up trying out the smoothie with KCCC? I tried the combination several times really hoping for good results, and although it makes my hair incredibly soft, there's virtually NO hold or curl definition. I'm wondering what your experience with the combination was like especially since we have some similar hair properties :icon_smile:
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