• DepressedCurlsDepressedCurls Posts: 836Registered Users
    You unfortunately cannot tell when my hair is curly. I just stretch and measure my hair. I don't plan on straightening my hair until october either. If you go to their FB page a lot of ladies show their results from their PERSONAL Facebooks. Which is better than website testimonials if you ask me.

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  • DepressedCurlsDepressedCurls Posts: 836Registered Users
    I do have one from the day I cut it, it was wet, i could take one today while it's wet for comparison.
  • 7OH4_QC7OH4_QC Posts: 57Registered Users
    Omg! The results are amazing. I think I'm a couple months late, but am so intrigued already! So do any of you ladies find it necessary to do a protective style while waiting out the wanted results? Can someone with 4c post pictures of growth and vouch on the results?

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    I have completed two months, I initially thought my hair had not grown in length but definitely in the amount, but I just measured it and I have gained about an inch and a half. I took a before pic and will take a three month pic in March. I have not had any issues with the pills. I Drink plenty of water and are doing more two strand twists/ with bonnets!

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