The ponytail challenge

Anyone want to join me?
I and and my first goal is to be able to get the back of my hair long enough to not have to use bobbypins.

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  • Amazing_JaiAmazing_Jai Posts: 36Registered Users
    Sounds interesting. Count me in :iconbiggrin:
    My goal is for my ponytail to reach my shoulders (it just looks like a bud sadly) :(

    Will be back with pics (hopefully new phone will be in soon)

    8-)Hey, I tweet about my hair journey too along with other things

    :tongue7:Oh, and my tumblr

    New on my healthy hair journey and developing my regimen. Exploring my inner product junkie
  • BlueroseBluerose Posts: 23Registered Users
    Me too! My ponytail looks like a small poof. Goal is to make it reach my back
  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,060 Administrator
    Great. The rules of this challenge? No rules. Just grow. :glasses10: Well, and check in with weekly progress pix?? How does that sounds?
  • BlueroseBluerose Posts: 23Registered Users

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