Question about CG and getting highlights

I just started with CG method about two weeks ago and already my hair is noticeably curlier. I am getting ready to get my regular highlights (bleach not color) and am not sure if there is something different I need to do or know. Will a no-poo be sufficient? Any thoughts would be much appreciated!


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    I think you'll have to let the hairdresser wash out the color with shampoo. I had my first dye (after starting the cg method) couple of days ago and brought a shampoo & conditioner of my choice (SLS & cone free). When I came home I washed it again, with conditioner alone this time. It looks good still.

    Also before dyeing, try not to have any products in your hair (like olive oil or ACV) - I'm just guessing here, but it might intertwine with the hair color. Just have it no-poo washed, pure and simple.

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    I've gotten blond highlights for YEARS! I usually bring CJ Daily Fix, or something similar, to the salon for "washing" my hair. Never been an issue.
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