Giovanni organics natural mousse or LA natural styling gel

I have 3b curly hair and I'm from India.. I can get these products here so please tell which one is good.. I presently co-wash


  • kristen.nickkristen.nick Registered Users Posts: 37
    I have used both of these and, despite all of the negative reviews I've read, I've had good experiences with both. I particularly like the mousse. It is curl enhancing for me, but doesn't have a ton of hold. I combine it with other products, like EO Tame or maybe a harder hold gel. I haven't used the gel since I first went CG in March, but it seemed to have comparable performance to LALSG.
    Hair: 3A, fine, normal porosity and elasticity
    My hair loves protein, especially keratin! It hates coconut oil and all butters.
    Low-poo: MOP-C Hydrating Shampoo, Renpure Moisturizing Shampoo
    Co-wash: Giovanni 50/50 & Smooth as Silk, Tresemme Naturals, NG Pomegranate & Sunflower
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    PT: Mill Creek Biotin Conditioner
    DT: CJ CR
    Styler: CJ CCCL, CJ CIAB, LALSG, LAL Nutra Curl, Biotera Gel, Ecostyler Grip Gel
  • NirucurlsNirucurls Registered Users Posts: 88
    I got the mousse and I love it:)

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