Silky soft but not frizz free

I've gotten my hair to the point of being silky soft but I still have a bunch of frizz is this normal?

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  • DelmaDelma Registered Users Posts: 1,121
    i dont know if its normal but im in the same boat right now =(

  • dresdendolldresdendoll Registered Users Posts: 435
    Yes, it is normal! It either means you're overconditioned...or it means you might need to seal. Sealing is applying a few drops of oil to your wet as your last step. It keeps hair soft but also controls the frizz.
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    I joke about it with my kids but it is almost always true that if my hair feels good and soft and silky when it's dry and styled, it is a frizz bomb.

    I go for smooth and strong feeling when wet, my hair feels really good when I wash it, but when styling use harder hold gels and even occasionally hairspray when it absolutely has to be good hair day. It is like the worse it feels the better it looks, when dry and styled.

    But the key is it feels good when it's wet and rinsed out. Very smooth, very strong, not tangly anymore either.
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    I'm sorry delma, it really sucks :-p

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  • New_CurlyNew_Curly Registered Users Posts: 15
    I'm not sure if I'm over cond. Because ever since I went natural my hair had been frizzy when I straightened I use to have just a patch of frizz at the crown now I have frizz at the corners of my nape from my crown spread to both side almost to my temple and another patch in my banged so going natural gave me more frizz and I just cannot seem to get rid of it, I started sealing with tea tree oil and that made my hair really soft with a little less frizz

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  • New_CurlyNew_Curly Registered Users Posts: 15
    Robin my hair actually just started feeling silky soft, but hopefully I won't have to constantly deal with all this frizz my curls are starting to look healthy so that's a plus!! Lol

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