No Matter What, My Hair Won't Grow

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I am writing this b/c I cannot figure out what to do.

I have not had a relaxer since April 2011. Now, it is almost Nov 2012 and I have only 5-6" of hair to show for my efforts.

The problem is that I detangle, moisturize, use boring protective styles, whatever. But I should have a lot more than this to show for my hard work and money.

I follow a pretty reasonable diet, and I the problem is that I don't see breaking hair anywhere - not on my (satin) pillowcase, or in the shower or combs / Denman ... I just don't know why even after this long and after using all the right methods, nothing seems to work for me.

On an unrelated note I am not having any success w/ twists of any kind. I have reviewed so many videos and tutorials. What is wrong with me? I really want long hair b/c I want to look more feminine and I thought this would be a viable route for me - never long than shoulder-length w/ the relaxers, either. I take MUCH better care of my hair now and I don't understand why I can't get the length?

Should I give up and get a weave or what? I know that people are not supposed be obsessed w/ length but for the lack of it I'm getting I need help. I'm based out of Boston and I don't have a single friend in this area who could take a look at my hair or w/e.

Thanks ...


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    I notice more growth when we allow the hair to be left alone. Are you messing in it more than you REALLY need to? Is your moisturizer moisturizing enough? Are your protective styles easy to create without too much manipulation? Those are things I would look at first.

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    Well, your hair is growing. I mean everyone's hair grows you're just not retaining any length which means your hair breaks off at a certain point. Maybe it is over manipulation. I learned if you manipulate your hair too much, your hair is going to break off. Be patient. Growing out hair takes time and even more time for those with slow growing hair.

    Also are you by any chances trimming your hair? And how often if you don't mind my asking.

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