Leave in conditioner for 2c hair

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Hi :) I've been searching for a good leave in conditioner creme for my 2c hair. I have healthy sexy hair soy tri-weat leave in balsam spray, but I have to use a lot. And I have lot more dry hair back of my head than in front, so I need a good leave in con. Creme. I bought one from KMS California, but that creme also had hold. Is there any good leave in cremes without hold? I only need moisture. I use curl creme and light gel when styling, so moisture is what I'm looking for. What about Paul Mitchell "the conditioner"? Is it only conditioner?or has it hold also? I'm very new in wearing my curly hair natural (not in ponytail), since I always get frizz. I'm starting to learn how to get minimum frizz, but the leave in spray I have is a little to light for my hair. It's so many product out there and I have no clue what to try. I'm ordering online since its not many products for curly hair in Norway. I bought redken curl creme (green bottle) leave in and smoothing down detangling creme +shampoo and conditioner, but my hair didn't like them at all. It felt so bad. But back then I had my hair in ponytail, so I used them anyway. Now I care for my hair and want the best for it :)


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    You can use any conditioner as a leave-in. That's all leave-in conditioners really are. So if you've found a conditioner that you like you can just put a small amount of it in your hair. I usually rub a tiny amount of conditioner all over my palms and fingers and scrunch it into my hair. Just keep in mind that conditioner will be more moisturizing than leave-in conditioner, so you really only need a little. Plus, you can always add more if it's not enough. :)
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    Wow :) I did not know that! I have a conditioner treatment I really like, healthy sexy hair soy tri-weat treatment. It's really good as a conditioner to rinse out. I will try that. But I also have curly sexy hair moisturizing conditioner. Will try them both to see witch is best :) it really sucks to have some spot that never get enough moisture. I am learning so much here :) thank you very much :-) do you have any tips for wintertime? My hair gets a lot (LOT) of frizz :( Mother Nature in Norway can be a big b..... For curly girls n boys!!!
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    Just a thought, if your hair isn't getting enough moisture, you may need to lay off the protein and use some conditioners w/o it.
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    my first thought was that you should find a conditioiner with out protein. if you use too much protein it can dry out your hair. I like kinky curly knot today. If you want a cheaper option Tresemme naturals is a good one.
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