Poo/Dish recs...My first day here and post

Hi Everyone,

I'm new here and i just found out I'm a 3B, who knew! Fine, curly frizzy, dry hair, yup...I think I've found my home.

I have always struggled with buying a good shampoo and conditioner combo. Can someone recommend both drugstore quality as well as other brands? I'd really appreciate all your help. And I'm overwhelmed with all the information here, it's amazing. I wish I hand found this site long ago. :D

Oh yes, I live in HUMID HOT Florida!!!! :x


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    Welcome! Or should I say...welcome to hair product land!

    There are several Florida curlies here and actually I'll be in Florida in a few months so I'm keeping my eye on this thread, I need tips.

    For a gentle shampoo, I've seen Creme of Nature regular and Paves and Activate mentioned. A lot of folks here try to avoid silicones (which don't typically rinse out with water & can build up), heavy oils, and shampoos with sodium lauryl sulfate which is very drying. Suave Naturals and some V05 conditioners are very popular. Activate is another very popular conditioner. Nature's Gate products and Burt's Bees also get good reviews.

    Garnier Fructis has some new leave-ins and stylers that have gotten raves, they do contain the silicone amodimethicone which builds up for some and not for others.

    For salon brands, [buylink=]DevaCurl One C[/buylink] conditioner is very popular. DC also makes a low poo (mild cleanser) and no poo (cleansing conditioner). Aveda has come out with new Be Curly products.

    So I'm sure I left a ton of stuff out but there's a few to start with...
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