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I just wanted to know how people's hair has adjusted to the fall-winter season, mostly. In my case, TN suddenly started to work magic, and somehow, no matter the RO, my hair came out relatively frizz-free and soft w/o LI (in fact, the LI seemed to make it more frizzy...)

I was almost terrified of over-conditioning because of the tremendous increase in moisture, but that fear has since died. I have officially decided that about this time fall, when the weather's about 60-70 degrees (I'm a CalGirl), is the best time for my hair.

Has anyone else experienced a drastic change in hair with the coming season? What's your best hair season?
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    I know the change in temperature has built up my hair's tolerance for protein or something, because I usually can't use too much silk protein or coconut oil but it's been drinking both up like it's the nectar of life. I've also had to break out thicker leave-ins, can't get away with not sealing (well I could, but I'd have to moisturize more and I'm lazy), hair grows slower, blah blah BLAH.

    I get annoyed with winter because I have to cover my head a lot more due to my hair taking forever to thoroughly dry and me not blow drying.
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    I've been doing twist outs since it got colder and that's working well for me. Switched from TN to GFPC and also using a heavier gel for my twists. Twists /twistouts keep my hair super moisturized so they're great for the winter. Also I don't have to go outside with wet hair which I love.
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    My hair is doing fine during the colder days. I keep my hair in protective hairstyles. I rarely let my hair out due to breakage i am currently dealing with.
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    I think Fall is my best hair season... It's not as humid so my hair doesn't frizz as easily, and I still do wash n' gos without worrying about my hair drying too slow in the cold bc I use diva darling towels (they're awesome!!). In the past during real winter (temp. highs at 35 or lower), I have done a lot of protective styling esp. cuz my hair dried so slowly.... But now since I have my DD towels I think I'm gonna try to maintain my WNG in the winter too cuz it keeps me warmer than pulling my hair back!

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