Curly Hairstylist In Orange County!

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Hello to Southern California! My name is Aryn Marie Hogan and I am a Hairstylist in Orange County at Victor Paul Salon. I have worked in San Diego, San Francisco, London and New York. I started my path to curly haircuts with my own fine hair that straightens/ curls/ frizzes with its mood. My family and closest friends all have curls, from blond and fine corkscrews to mixed Puerto Rican and black, course, thick ringlets. When I became a stylist, they all pleaded with me to learn to cut their hair! So when I moved to NYC I started training at Devachan Salon directly under owner, Denis DaSilva. There I practically had to learn hair all over again. Working with curly hair was totally opposite of all my training from Vidal Sassoon. It took a lot of sweat and tears, until finally it happened. I became a curl whisperer. I stopped fighting and let them tell me what they wanted and needed. Sound silly, but it is true. I let them talk to me.
Moving to Orange County 2 years ago, I took my love of curls with me. Cutting and coloring curly hair is an art form of it's own. Let me show you how great your hair really is! Check out my facebook


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    I moved from Boston to OC and have been looking for a stylist who really knows how to cut curly hair well. I haven't been happy with the results, and just booked an appointment to have you cut my hair. I'm nervous, but excited. Looking forward to an awesome cut!! See you next week.
  • shopbopshopbop Posts: 113Registered Users
    Aryn, you are terrific! I was so impressed with Aryn. She spent quite a bit of time talking to me about my particular curl pattern, about the shape and length that would be flattering for my face. She really knows curly hair and how to cut it, style it. I've been searching for a stylist that knows how to cut curly hair, and finally found Aryn. When you leave the salon you will know just how to take care of your hair, and how to style it so it looks good when you do it, not only when the stylist does it. She even told me to call her anytime if I had any concerns or questions!

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