iPhone App for Natural/Curly Girls

Good Afternoon Naturally Curly Community!


My name is Arsha and I'm finishing up a iPhone app for natural girls called the The Big Chop App. Essentially it's hair makeover app for women who are either [1] considering the big chop and want to get a preview on how they will look or, [2] just want to see how they look with a natural hairstyle (twists, twist outs, braids, headwraps, dreads, etc.). See a preview below.

There are tons of makeover apps in iTunes, but none really geared directly to us. So instead of complaining I decided to make one myself. The app itself (free and paid versions) will should be done in November.

I just wanted to get some advice. What kind of options would you like to see in an app of this type? I currently have over 250+ styles (which I will continue to add). I also have additional features which I will will roll out as the app gains momentum. Android and iPad versions also will follow.

I have attached the home screen below, but to see additional screenshots you can visit the site at The Big Chop App | Natural Hair Makeovers in Minutes.

Otherwise, please list below your thoughts. I am interested in ALL feedback, good and bad. Thanks for your time.

PS. I am ALSO working on a makeover app for women of color who prefer relaxed or straight hairstyles, but I want to get this one up and running first.

Thanks so much for your time.
The Big Chop App | Natural Hair Makeovers in Minutes