going out to a club and need to look hot :)

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lately i just turned 18, wooot legal in Quebec, Canada where i live :icon_smile:
and im going clubbing often! i often see all the girls with the same straight hair...i wanna look just as hot but with my natural hair...any advice?
i need styles, products that will keep me looking good from 10 til closing and i dance alot :icon_smile: ps what type of evening makeup looks good with long curly hair? im 3a with brown hair
finally starting to love my hair ^.^
cleanse: Dr.Bronner mild castile soap
condition: tresemme naturals (sometimes used as styler)
LI/style: curl cream mixed with coconut oil (current cream by andalou naturals)

product minimalist :sunny:


  • veroniiqueveroniique Posts: 1Registered Users
    Oh I'm from Quebec too :) Looking foward to be 18 to go clubbing.
    Humm I think that in a club, a very big and voluminous mane is very hot and suitable if you dance and all. Or a Half up, half down will keep your hair out of the place :)
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    I usually leave mine down, trying to give it some volume, stands out a lot more than straight hair! Sometimes i try messy updos (or low updos); a messy side braid(if you have the length) would be amazing, i think.

    Type: 3a
    Dense, fine/medium texture, low porosity

    Low-poo: Devacurl No-Poo/ Yes to Carrots Nourishing Shampoo/ Elacel Aloe Vera Shampoo
    Conditioner: Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Conditioner
    Leave-in: Devacurl Set It Free/Lush R& B
    Styling: Herbal Essences Set Me Up Spray-Gel/ L'Oreal Silk & Gloss Curl Power Mousse
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    Hi. One of my favourite party styles is starting off with freshly washed hair and then parting my bangs. On the side with the least amount of hair (side where bangs aren't) I do about 4 flat twists. This gives an edgy look.

    This does require skill and if you don't know how to do it you'll have to practice. Side Flat Twists | Back-to-School | Cute Girls Hairstyles - YouTube This link is a really good example of how to do it. But since my hair is curly i don't bobby pin it I either rubberband it off or have put like mini claw clips on each flat twists. Now that I think about it. You can just twist all the way down and let it hang. Hope I helped.