KCCC works - YES!

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I tried and tried to get KCCC to work. I have mostly 3b hair if I use the right product. I have gone round and round with different products: conditioners (for co-washing and leave in), stylers, you name it. Was strictly CG for a year then modified. Been using henna for a year now. Been doing all kinds of things. I got so frustrated last week that I pulled out the baby shampoo that I use to wash my delicate wool clothing with and used it on my hair. Best thing I could have done. And then this weekend I pulled out the KCCC and gave it a go one more time.

I co-washed and used my leaved in like usual. I always plop so I can get dressed without getting my cothes wet. When I let my hair down I scrunched in about a large grape size glob of KCCC and then air dried like normal. Perfect! But I stayed inside all day and thought it may have been a fluke. I did it again today for work and it was perfect again! I think I may have good hair days again.

Welcome back curly haired me!
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