if you like baking sody/ACV, what else do you use?

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Been CG since March- still a LOT of trial and error, but I have noticed that my hair really likes baking soda/ACV. It's really bouncy for a while. I tend to prefer wash and go and don't spend a lot of time doing any deep conditioning, etc. Maybe I should.

If you are CG and like the soda/ACV rinse- what other products, especially cleansing do you love?

I think I'm 3A-B, fine, md porosity.


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    Do you mean commercial products or homemade natural recipes?
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    Hi lynley. I used BS/ACV, then switched to just ACV and it worked for a while, but as my hair is getting longer it gets extremely tangly so I just started using conditioner again last week. I think my best bet is to not use shampoo or conditioner on my scalp, and use it from the ears down- however it starts to become an issue when I plop my hair. I am also starting to use more products in my hair and ACV really helps with the build up. Also this method can get quite harsh if you do it too much. I would reccomend adding BS to your co wash as a clarifying cowash and see what that does for you. Keep me updated as I would love to hear your progress. Good Luck! :salut:
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    I use a regular BS/ACV as a replacement to shampoo, so I still deep condition, moisturize and seal.

    If you prefer something all natural, you can consider using clay (like rhassoul clay) if you want to whip up a DC at home. I hear tuscan green clay is even better than rhassoul but I have yet to try it.
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    I use BS/ACV as a cleanser, and I'm fine and porous, so not dissimilar to you. What else do I like....I still have to condition, otherwise my hair gets dry & crunchy, but I only do it every other time. I do IAGal's PT with the jello weekly.

    I use a homebrew salt spray with mag sulfate and a half-and-half mix of aloe juice and water. I dampen and scrunch in the a.m. with a tiny bit of Mill Creek Keratin conditioner.

    I use shea moisture shampoo, the hibiscus one, about once a month, my hair seems to like the variety.

    I've tried to find gels, without much success.
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    how many times can you use ACV on your hair? and i color my hair but i have build up and i have been reading that ACV helps you remove build up
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    I really like the bs/acv however I've switched to mud washes and love it! It gives a deep clean without feeling stripped. But if I really want a deep clarifying mud wash I'll add acv in place of avj. I follow with a good deep conditioner and my hair comes out soft and bouncy :-)

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