Pratima Ayurveduc Hair Wash

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One other thing I'd like to sell: A nearly full (80-90%) Bindhi Pratima Ayurvedic Hair Wash! This is a real, authentic Indian Ayurvedic hair washing powder. (You mix it with hot water, rub it into your scalp, and get clean hair. The ORIGINAL non-shampoo wash!) Pratima, if you don't know her products, is an amazing Ayurvedic skin care specialist in NYC.

Retails for $12-$15. I'm happy to take $5 + shipping. Paypal preferred; I'd also trade. (A few things I'm interested in are listed on my Deva Heaven in Hair listing.)

I haven't done any swaps here yet, but I'm a decent person and will follow the Golden Rule in how I treat you. :) Also, I have a 100% feedback rating on eBay -- tessbarlowe if you want to look me up.

Thank you!
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