3 year old not sure hair type haircut etc

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My almost 3 year old daughter has curly hair (my hair is really straight) she got it from her grandma (dad's mom) I'm not sure what her hair type is. I think its 3a or 3b. She hasn't had her first haircut because I have no clue where to take her. I would love to take her to a child's salon but i am afraid they wont do it right because of her curls. her hair gets very knotty & rat nest like if i don't keep anything in it. I already don't wash to often. shampoo one/twice weekly and try to condition daily/bi-daily. (different from me who does both daily/bi-daily)

HELP please! i live in northeast philadelphia so any local salon recommendations/stylists would be great. also what type of hair does she have. hair product recommendations!

Thanks for everything! i have attached four photos to help you tell me what you think


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    She looks like a 3b/c to me. Have you tried Kinky Curly products? Their leave in and curling custard seem to work well on a variety of hair types.

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    Umm.. Deffinetely 3b !! With a little 3a. Too loose to be 3c :)

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