Would you pay to have our old board back?

Anthro IncarnateAnthro Incarnate Registered Users Posts: 555 Curl Connoisseur
It's been awhile since somebody made a plea to have our old board back, or at least something that doesn't look like an ADD third-grader designed it.

My question is...would any of you actually be willing to subscribe to this board if it meant an ad-free, high-quality community?
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  • Dee CurlzDee Curlz Registered Users Posts: 123
    Once you get used to it, it's fine, IMO. The heart and soul of the board is still the same... that is, its members!
  • munchkinmunchkin Registered Users Posts: 2,909 Curl Connoisseur
    Guess I'm getting used to it too.
  • fraufrau Registered Users Posts: 6,130 Curl Neophyte
    you can't even see the ads if you keep your screen in normal mode and center the text. it's like when they changed times square nyc, people complained. guess what? times sqaure is better and this board is better. on the last board searching took forever, now it takes 4 seconds. that alone is enough for me to prefer this board over the old one. i like the pm format much better. i remember having pm's sitting there forever because i never looked in my profile. ignore the ads and get thee an avatar.
  • KatalinaKatalina Registered Users Posts: 11
    I'm used to it, don't have a problem with it. I chuckled at the ADD third grader comment...trust me this is much more tame. :wink: I like the avatars and the smileys. Advertising is the price you pay for free great internet sites.
  • Aya9877Aya9877 Registered Users Posts: 97
    The ads don't bother me in the slightest. I suppose if I was on a dialup connection that would make a difference. But with a fast connection its tolerable. Use that money you were going to use for a subscription and get broadband internet if you dont already have it. Also, you might want to change the dimensions of your screens settings. That might make the page easier to look at.
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  • CherishCherish Registered Users Posts: 1,847
    The orange is hard on my eyes. Interesting choice. Also, I'm using a 12" laptop... I think the real estate could have been handled differently, but hey... I'm not here often enough to find it really bothersome.
  • rubyloxxrubyloxx Registered Users Posts: 89 Curl Connoisseur
    I like it. At first I wasn't too sure, but i actually find it easier to post pictures and links...
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  • Confused CurlyConfused Curly Registered Users Posts: 229
    While I LOATHE all the ads, I am not willing to pay to get rid of them. I am already paying for internet access. I don't want to pay for board access as well.

    I've learned to ignore the ads. I don't like buy things from companies that do not sell at stores so they won't get a penny from me.
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  • CGNYCCGNYC Registered Users Posts: 4,938 Curl Connoisseur
    The new board was a pain to get used to, (but then I'm like that - I will keep the same old cell phone till the end of time to avoid figuring out a new one) but I'm used to it now and it's not an issue.
  • pongwenchpongwench Registered Users Posts: 8
    I don't mind the ads so much, I just wish they didn't have to blink/move...

    And, I do feel badly for the people in areas where broadband isn't yet available -- like me up until 2-3 weeks ago.
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