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Roller sets

reednaturally22reednaturally22 Posts: 49Registered Users
Can anyone recommend any setting lotions to do a two strand twist perm rod set? The only styler I use is KKCC and that doesn't seem like it would do well sitting under a warm hooded dryer. Thanks!


  • adthomasadthomas Posts: 5,525Registered Users
    I use gel for my rollersets and curlformers. For me it works better than setting lotion. I like AVG over my li and oil.
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  • reednaturally22reednaturally22 Posts: 49Registered Users
    I may have to give my KKCC a try then before I completely rule it out! Thank you!
  • jneen1105jneen1105 Posts: 19Registered Users
    Jane Carter Wrap and Roll. I used this for roller sets while transitioning. Decent hold without crunchiness. I also use this for wash and goes.

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  • anonymous_127430anonymous_127430 Posts: 16Registered Users
    Use a heat protectant or leave in conditioner. The leave in conditioner I use is called something like HCO by Design Essentials, it is in a spritz bottle form. It is used to spray on wet hair before blow drying it.
  • reednaturally22reednaturally22 Posts: 49Registered Users
    Ok so I JUST now tried a roller set with Jane Carter Wrap and roll. The product is not the issue. I can not get my hair on the roller smoothly for nothing. I use the rollers with the metal clips. Should I be using a different kind? I have watched so many YouTube videos and they make it look so easy. 😔
  • reednaturally22reednaturally22 Posts: 49Registered Users
    Also, the two strand twist rod set with KCCC was a success :)
  • jneen1105jneen1105 Posts: 19Registered Users
    Naptural85 has a video in which she uses bobby pins to smooth the hair when doing a roller set (think she is using flexirods). I don't know the name of the video but I bet you could find it pretty easily. I've never tried this technique, but maybe it will work for you. Good luck!

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  • dee-naturedee-nature Posts: 630Registered Users
    adthomas wrote: »
    I use gel for my rollersets and curlformers. For me it works better than setting lotion. I like AVG over my li and oil.
    Of all the ones ive tried (curlformers,flexirod,mag rollers,coruso rollers,perm rods) my fav is curlformers its easy,and works!
    Will prob try this tom

    @ reed use she butter or fav oil on freshly washed hair

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  • reednaturally22reednaturally22 Posts: 49Registered Users
    I am just seeing the replies! Thank you!
  • LeeLee182LeeLee182 Posts: 784Registered Users
    I use a good leave in conditioner, oil, and typically cream of nature argan oil foam wrap setting lotion.
    Wet Roller Set (Rolos) – Video | Dominican Blowout
    Her whole website is pretty nice, one thing she seems to emphasize is learning to smooth your ends well. It takes me a while to get it...I'm still learning to get smooth consistent sets but honestly practice is the only thing that will help.
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