Auditioning for a Jazz Ensemble Choir?

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Hi, everyone! I'm auditioning for a jazz choir this week, and have to sing two pre-selected pieces, and one of my choice. The problem is that I am an Alto and it's kind of hard finding that perfect song. I have narrowed it down to two: "Sweet Love" by Anita Baker, and "Jar of Hearts" by Christina Perri. I really want to show off how well I can sing. My range is from A below middle C, to the F or G two octaves above middle C. Any tips?

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    Lots of jazz singers have alto voices (Sarah Vaughan stands out in my mind) and you have a pretty good range, so you shouldn't have a problem finding anything to sing.

    My tips are: have fun, pick something you're comfortable with, know it well enough to sing with feeling, pay attention to the rhythm and pitches, don't be "stiff" or afraid to move a little bit, smile. I would pick something that is a contrast to the other two pieces (are they on the faster side? Pick something slow. Are they traditional? Pick something contemporary) and that shows your personality.

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    Good luck!

    I wouldn't sing "Jar of Hearts". It won't show a good range. I'll list songs tomorrow that I used. I love singing.
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