Cutting long layers and thinning out hair

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Hey everyone,
i have really thick, long curly hair, and i'm having a really hard time controlling it. I have to use a lot of products to let it look nice, but since i live in holland and have to cycle to school everyday, it get's frizzy and puffy again quickly. Now i've done some research, and found that long layers could be the answer to my problem. The only thing is that i'm afraid that the shorter layers will get even thicker when i cut them, so i thought about thinning out my hair on the bottom. But i read that when it grows out again, it looks awful.
And i also dyed my hair so would thinning be really bad for it?

Any tips on what i should do to tame my hair?


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    You may be better off posting this on the general board, this thread's for people who have thin or thinning hair, not people who want to thin their hair (you're not the first to make this mistake!).
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    oh i'm sorry, i'm new on this site so i didn't knew! thanks for the help
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    No problems!
    3b in South Australia.