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Is there any good way to reduce them? First, I've got a lot of them on my legs(some darker than others, some along with scar tissue) from. . . Well, a few little episodes of low self esteem a while back :oops: a few random small ones that are just kinda ugly and a HUGE one on my arm. It was from a burn I got at work. I caught my arm on the popper, and somehow ended up with a big dark brown square(or not so square depending on the angle my arm is at, with a slightly darker blob, and a dark spot in that) They look quite bad really, though most of the ones on my legs(at least the majority of the self inflicted ones that don't look like random cuts and scrapes) are easily hidden, and only some of them were really deep. I get a lot of comments about the one on my arm, since it's right there(inner arm, on the middle of the bottom part) I really wonder if they'll fade eventually? I've had a lot of scars before that have faded over time(from burns to clutziness to cuts to a few that are still on my wrist. Huh. There was this lying, uh, "lady" at work one time and while she was ranting at me I ended up snapping my wrist with a rubber band to not snap back. Left Scars >_> they're going away slowly.) Should those big ones too, or will I likely have to get something to make them go away?

Then there are the acne scars. Big "craters" in my face from when(I guess?) I picked at my zits as a teenager. Those are really bad, and look horrid. . . They're really deep, and show up in most decent grade photos taken of me. I'd really love to have them(at least the bulk of them) gone....


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    I've heard very good things on this board about silicone sheets being able to reduce the appearance of some types of scars. Here's a link:

    This product helps with raised (keloid?) scars. I guess you'd need something like hydroquinone for the burn scar. Although I burned myself mildly a few years ago (didn't know the iron was on :roll:), and the scar started out white, then purple, and has now totally faded away. Maybe time would take care of that one. And acne scars are definitely something you need a dermatologist for. Maybe microdermabrasion would help slightly.

    You would definitely get better answers to all your scar issues if you spoke to a dermatologist. I really hope this was helpful. Good luck!
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    Okay. Once I get a bit more money coming in I ,ay ask a dermatologist. And I'll keep the neospoin sheets in mind :) Thanks.
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    microdermabrasion doesn't work on scars... i've tried it on one of mine on my face and it hasn't done a thing.
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