Does your hair change patterns throughout the years?

Last year my hair was 3c/3b. Now its more 3c/4a and my edges are really coarse and tight. Like 4b? Idk why its doing that. Anyone have the same experience?

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  • mhen76mhen76 Posts: 813Registered Users
    The healthier my hair got, the tighter the curl. Changing hormones can also have an impact on curl pattern.
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    Happened to me, also! The bottom layer of my hair got looser, to 2b/3a, the majority of my hair is still 3b, but my canopy is 3c! I guess you could say that my hair is multi"curl"tural!
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    Mine got curly at puberty, and continues to change based on weather and health. It's really damage-responsive. It can be only slightly damaged and the curl will loosen significantly. Humid weather makes my wavy/curly hair just curly.
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    It is very common for hair to change over time whether it is color, texture or density. My grays are very loose and barely curl. I'm thinking when I'm old I may not be kinky any more which I won't like put I'm planning to rock a low maintenance twa when I'm old.
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    But the weird thing is..I would have thought my hair would get looser since I dye it every full moon. Lol it got significantly tighter.

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    I'm a stylist.

    It's absolutely normal for your hair to change. About every 7 years you have a brand new head of hair anyway. It's amazing the things that affect it from haircae regimines (going CG and having healthier hair) to hormones to aging. It could be any or all of the above.
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