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"In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer."

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    Weeeeelllll...none of this is from firsthand experience, so keep this in mind.

    The girls that I work with are all shoe whores and they love Justfab and Shoedazzle and the like. I subscribe to them, but haven't really taken the time to look at the shoes on the site. And my shoe size varies so greatly that I'm hesitant to buy online. They alllll love them, though. And the shoes are pretty freaking hot. I love myself some hot high heels, but can take them or leave them, but find myself just about falling down and worshiping some of the shoes I see these girls come in with.

    Now, with the subscription stuff, again, I don't have any personal experience myself. Again, I can kinda take them or leave them. My cousin subscribes to Birchbox and according to her blog, just about has an O every time she gets her box. But then again, she is all things girly and high maintenance. Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just not me and I don't know that I would really use the stuff being sent in the box. I've heard makeup samples (I'm really fair skinned, so I'm afraid I couldn't use what they send) to nail polish (never use the stuff) to perfume samples (perfume does weird stuff when it interacts with my skin oils and smells weird).

    Now, my ex-sister-in-law subscribed to what was called Bountiful Harvest. They would send you baskets with fresh produce. It was usually in-season produce and I don't know if it was something that only happened in the spring to fall months or year-round. Sometimes it was ripe, sometimes, you had to wait for it to ripen before you could use it, but it was a really good deal for the family (before they got divorced) because they got fresh produce when they normally wouldn't have been able to afford it. I think. And my nephew was a produce monster. Anything that was fresh fruit, he would devour it.

    So there's my limited 2 cents worth based on observation. Sorry I don't have real-life experience.

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    I get birchbox. Is it all that? Not really, but for $10 a month I get 4-6 samples, some large deluxe.size, sometimes full size products. I usually count it as a good box if there is one item I will use. The thing I really like is that you give feedback on what is in your box and get points (10 points per feedback)100 points gets you $10 off from their site. I got three full sized products (that i was already using and buying, none under $17) I paid $4. My niece loves getting all the samples that I don't like or use.

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