Natural Products In New Steel Magnolia Movie: I'm a total PJ

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I am sitting here watching the remake of Steel Magnolias with Queen Latifiah, Phylisa Rashad, Jill Scott and Alfrie Woodard.
Well, during the first hair salon scene I happen to notice a Taliah Wajid container, then the next scene I saw a Shea Nature's Organic or whatever the Target CG product is. Anyway, the point of this was to one point out there are a bunch of Curlie Products in the movie. I also noticed Carol's Daughter, Curls, and another line, but I couldn't recognize the package.
ACV Rinse 2-3 times a week
Nature's Gate Biotin Conditioner
Curly Kinks: Satin Root, Coil Jam
Castor oil on scalp