Medical Bill Appeal

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I'm appealing a medical bill for a service I did not want. I would love some advice from anyone who works in this area of insurance.

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    Hi Claudine, I don't work in insurance but I've had lots of experience with medical bills. Can you give any more information? Were you hospitalized or was it in a doctor's office? How are you appealing it (to whom)?

    I hope someone who works in insurance will see this also.
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    cp, I'll email you. :)
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    Did you sign a promisery note or a responsible party sheet? That says that you accept the bill as your own and will pay what the insurance doesn't cover (copays, deductibles) or if they deny because they deem the charges unnecessary or unreasonable. Is your insurance refusing to pay? Because that is a different story if it's something that is under your covered benefits. Even something that isn't necessary under your paid benefits can be appealed if a doctor deemed it necessary and can show just cause why it was needed.

    You need to first know what you signed and what does it obligate you to. What were the procedures? PM me and I'll give you what advice I can. I appeal insurances and Medicare everyday if it's a legit reason and I've rarely had a reasonable appeal denied.
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    Thanks, Speckla.

    I'll PM you.
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