Curl pattern changing

Hello curlies, I have been doing the CG method for two months now and I started to notice the top by my roots the curl pattern changing to more defined curlier curls and I love them! Is this normal? I always imagined that my hair should be curlier but never thought it would happen. I just can't believe something so simple can change your hair the way it has mine.


  • seamelody14seamelody14 Posts: 282Registered Users
    Yep, it's awesome :) Pre-CG, my hair was mostly 2b, but now it's full of 2c and 3a
    high porosity (from coloring)

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    The most amazing part to me is that my front/top layer is getting curly! It just used to sit sadly on top of my ringlets :(
    It still needs some encouragement, but the change is dramatic, and I've only been doing this for about a month :)
    2c, 3a, something like that... Curl-curious?
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    Awesome. Yeah I am so surprised. I'm assuming you just cut as you go until your whole hair pattern changes?