Frozen Too Shea

I live in Pennsylvania and we are experience sub-zero weather currently. I received some [buylink=]Too Shea[/buylink] in the mail (loooooong was delivered to the wrong house and I FINALLY got it today).'s FROZEN. Anybody else ever had this happen? Any quick ways to defrost?
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    Oh my!

    I'm glad that it got there finally.

    Perhaps if you sit the unopened container in a container/sink full of warm/hot water, it would help and the ingredients wouldn't get ooky the way they might in a micorwave.
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    I believe I'm gonna hit the Jessicurl site RIGHT NOW. I'll update this post with a solution (I hope) in the event this happens to anyone else.
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    Wow, that's so messed up. I would definitely email Jessicurl--Jessica McGuinty is really sweet and I am sure she would want to rectify your situation. Maybe just leave it in the shower and let the steam help defrost it? Keep us posted!
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    In fact, I did email Jess. This is what she wrote, "Hi Krista,
    Wow, that's a new one on me! :) I've never had it freeze for any reason, but DON'T use heat to defrost it, as heat will kill the preservative. I'd just set it on the counter and shake it every once in a while until it's thawed. It MIGHT separate as it thaws, which would not be cool, but again, I've never frozen it so I really don't know. Sorry I can't offer more help, but please let me know how it turns out. :)"

    I did just leave it on the counter to defrost. It was pretty well defrosted by morning. It seems to have separated a little wee bit, but it still worked just as great as always. WHEW.
    Growing out from a pixie cut. Long process but I'm getting there.