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Mayonnaise cowash

Does mayonnaise work as a daily cowash?

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Mostly 2A; Fine and wavy :batman:


  • mooglieboomooglieboo Posts: 23Registered Users
    Never tried it in that way, just in protein treatments, but I'm not sure what agents it would have in it that could clean your hair. I'd definitely stay away from using it a lot unless your hair LOVES protein, because otherwise that sounds like way too much protein which could destroy your curls.
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  • SaraNoHSaraNoH Posts: 827Registered Users
    That.... does not sound like a good idea. I think after a few days you'd turn into a grease ball and constantly smell like Mayo... There's nothing in Mayo that qualifies as a cleaning agent.
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  • DevushkaDevushka Posts: 1,080Registered Users
    Yeah, I keep imagining that there'd be build up pretty quickly that you'd have to keep regularly cleansing away with something that surely has cleansing properties. (But then again, I've never tried mayonnaise as a co-wash, and people report all kinds of 'unique' products and routines that work great for their hair.) But beside that, as mentioned earlier, my hair's moisture-protein balance being thrown off would be a big concern of mine.
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  • FuzzyMonsterFuzzyMonster Posts: 259Registered Users
    Makes sense. Thank you!

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    Mostly 2A; Fine and wavy :batman:

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