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New Here- Flat Iron Damage!

MommycurlMommycurl Posts: 3Registered Users
Hi Fellow Curly Friends!

I am a 32 year old Mommy to two and my daughter has GORGEOUS long curly hair. I have been strictly flat ironing my curls for the past two years, and recently decided to go au natural because I don't want to send the wrong message to my daughter.

So, I packed my CHI up and am doing the Curly Girl Method. I previously had really great curls, but never could get the products right, and my hair was always crunchy and I would get major product build-up. After reading CG I realize I had been doing everything wrong! So, I shampoo'd for the last time yesterday morning, and today cowashed and did the CG Method. So far my hair already looks so much better. I am using Suave Naturals Mositure CO wash, L'Oreal Deep Moisture for my heavier CO, and L'Oreal EverClear Styling Creme/Gel. My hair has quite a bit of flat iron damage. I did a quick trim of my ends to clean them up and am scheduled for a haircut next week (my schedule does not allow me to go any sooner.) Anyone have advice on flat iron damage? I never want to use the CHI ever again. My poor curls have lost their elasticity, bounce, and beauty. I now have wavy hair and am working back to the curls. Would love any advice.

I apologize in advance that I don't know any slang/abbreviations- very new to this place!


  • mhen76mhen76 Posts: 813Registered Users
    Welcome, Mommycurl! I also started here with flat iron damage. Right now, moisture will be key for you. It seems like you're off to a good start. It will take a little time to reverse the damage but it will happen. If you're still feeling dry, you may want to do a deep treatment. As your hair gets healthier, your needs may change but cross one bridge at a time.

    If what you are doing is working, then stick with it. If you feel build-up, go ahead and use a gentle shampoo. The co-wash alone doesn't work for all of us.

    Read as much as you can and learn as much as you can. The biggest mistake I made when I started was to try too much at once. I wanted to try every product and technique I read! I had to restrain myself to one step at a time!
    3B, fine, normal to low porosity
    Modified CG since June 2010
    HGs: FSG, anything with glycerin, Tresemme Naturals conditioner, Curls Like Us cloths, satin pillowcases.
  • GretchenGretchen Administrator Posts: 9,001Administrators, Moderators Administrator
    Welcome, Mommycurl!

    NaturallyCurly.com co-founder

    You are beautiful!
  • MommycurlMommycurl Posts: 3Registered Users
    Thank you so much for all of the advice!! This is day three of the CG method and my hair is so silky, bouncy, soft, starting to get life back! I hope it does not take too long to reverse the flat iron damage. I am never plugging my CHI in again! The best part is that it takes all of 5 minutes for me to do my hair now- better than 20 minutes with the flat iron!

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