Why I regret my BKT treatment

Hello ladies

This is just a candid opinion on why I regret my keratin treatment...

I have struggled all my life with having curly hair. I wanted to have that beautiful straight hair that we see on TV and never worry about frizz again. Well, after a relaxer treatment, I had that hair. Until it was time to wash it and I noticed the bale of straw that was once my hair on my head. It was like I got kicked in the stomach. I regretted the relaxer instantly. After doing some research I figured that bkt would help. AND it did. After about 6 treatments, I have had enough. The problem is that bkt hasn't had enough of me. My curls are now 2b from a 2c-3b mix and though they are nice, my canopy is very very frizzy and 1bish. It is so ugly now. Granted, I abused my hair with lightening, dying and heat (no ironing just dryer) but I am sure that the temporary affects of bkt are permanent after time. BEWARE!!! Make an educated decision and think about what you may want or not want after a year. If I wanted to continue BkT, it would be fine. My hair would probably look good after the treatment. But i promised my curly daughter inwould be curly again by her 5th grade. She is in 4th now so i figured i need to ween off now. So, if you want go back to natural, look at the possibility of a transition time where you will have two textures.

This is just my experience and what it's done to my hair.


  • CalberCalber Registered Users Posts: 126
    Wow! Thanks for sharing!
    I have to shower in order to wake up properly in the mornings :hello1:
  • PelobonitaPelobonita Registered Users Posts: 15
    Oh my. Thanks for sharing! (:

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